About us


USTKA-TOUR S.C. is a transport company specialising in coastal ship transport and has been operating in the tourism sector since 2001. The company is professionally engaged in national ship transport on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The company has seven ships for passenger transport in the following ports:

We organise regular tourist cruises on the sea and in the bay from every port.

Most of our ships are built in the style of XVII century galleons while one of them draws inspiration from viking ships .
Every carefully designed vessel is an original and unique tourist attraction.
Our ships provide not only pleasure connected with rocking on waves but also comfort of spending time in a great atmosphere.
All ships are modernised annually and meet all the safety requirements approved by relevant authorities.

We guarantee safety to our passengers.

General information about our ships

Type: passenger
Flag: Poland
Number of passengers: from 100 to 240 persons
Total length from 25 m to 32 m
Width: from 5,80 m to 8,40 m
Immersion: from 1,70 m to 3,60 m
Height: from 2,45 m to 4,37 m
Gross capacity: from 103 GT to 299 GT 

Our passenger ships are:


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